and the poem that follows



not hollow love, but a multistranded maypole of ribbons
                            garlanded spinning-head                          cloudbound and windwhipped

not letters on fingers, not gouged graffiti
                            not a calculation of one-and-one




you are perfectly polite; your white top and your nervousness worn
in soothing contrast
your eyes

to my green eyeshadow
and in you eyes, a shadow of memory clenches my intestines in a fistgrip




this love heaves tides
fidgety smudger of workbook worries
strawberry haired interloper

                                                                  your scissor-glue struggles
                                                                  rubber rumours           and

                                                                  dirtyfingered    daydreams

hurl my days foward, hand over hand
fields reflected- long and thin- in blunt blades, tempt us both

a snipping-itch for pedals and puddles




yes I do dream about you     :     you also dream of me

slenderboned and  taut-coiled like a shiny brass spring –
you: tidy tie’d and tired  

all this but speech remains pro  fess  ion  al

your embers singe the days to ash in perfect timing
                                                       of my own quiet fire

i would consider it love if i did not know the reasons




the horror of complete ease is a terrible love
a rot-garden of soiltopped roots
spring tide, then neap; days seep sleepily   –    tide tired

the weight of an arm


~ by Beeskiffle on October 30, 2007.

9 Responses to “and the poem that follows”

  1. There are so many exquisite lines in here; indeed you are as good as he says you are!

    BTW, a poet, Jessica Fox Wilson, is setting up a new online literary journal at and it will feature poetry, prose (up to 1,000 words) and art. Submissions for the first issue will be accepted up until 31 December.

    It would be great if you sent us something of yours!

  2. Sorry you left Eb, managed to find this much of you, Kiz elped. lemme know where y’ settle down

  3. jo, thank you.
    i am lost for words and honoured that you would think of me.

  4. Hello Donald.
    I will stay here for a while, the soil is the right combination of loam and humus for now.
    lovely to hear from you.

  5. As I recline in the ease of selfreference and wellknown tricks, you are finding new ways to conjure silence and fill it with the subtlest of gestures which evoke cloudforms, wisps of memory and emotion. Beauty.

  6. I was holding my breath for the closing lines. I couldn’t help it. (((((((((((you)))))))))), clever you. Be happy. xxx

  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. idetrorce,
    how intresting that you find it possible to disagree with such deep personal feelings that are mine alone.
    I will say that I disagree with your feet, as that makes as much sense as your comment.
    Perhaps you care to elaborate?

  9. Oh dont worry, Ebby. That guy is notorious. He got me too. He goes around putting exactly the same comment, word for word, everywhere he goes. Noone knows why. By the way, you are the best poet alive. i have read and read all over the place there is not one writer who can get so much energy, so much life into the language as you do. The darker ones are scarey they have so much power but even they have a kind of beauty in their construction. You know, I could go on and on about your work but honestly, reading it has given me so much pleasure and astoundingment and wonder and adventure and headshaking sheer amazement and beauty over a long period of time. Which is a long winded way of saying, (((((((((you)))))))), thankyou,

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